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The beach of Alba Adriatica is one of the most beautiful on the Abruzzo coast

The sand, with its characteristic silvery color, stretches for about three kilometers of wide, beautiful and profound beach up to a hundred meters, reaching a stunning sea with sandy backdrops that gently slop down.
The promenade of Alba Adriatica is an oasis of three kilometers immersed in the green of palm trees, pines and oleanders.
In the evening it becomes the meeting point of the town, to take two steps and have fun amongst the stalls and outdoor ice cream parlors.
The seafront of Alba Adriatica, built in the 1950s, was decorated with a monumental fountain, called "Fontana Nilo".

The cycling track, the promenade Marconi

The Guglielmo Marconi waterfront is crossed by the "Corridoio Verde Adriatico", a cycle track that starts from Martinsicuro, with connections to Puglia.
The cycling track runs parallel to the coast, allowing you to pedal seamlessly for about 25 km from Martinsicuro to Roseto degli Abruzzi thanks to the wooden bridges built on the Vibrata stream, the Salinello and the Tordino river.
The stretch of the Corridoio Verde Adriatico that crosses Alba Adriatica and Tortoreto Lido was the first stretch to have been built on the Adriatic coast since the late 1960s; the track crosses areas with rich pine forests, rows of palm trees and tamarisk.

The Carnival of the Sea

The Alba Adriatica summer carnival is one of the most anticipated events of the year for the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo.
It is considered a moment of tradition, art and entertainment that involves the most important carnival events in Italy, takes place in the first half of August, with free admission.
This is a very engaging, attractive and entertaining carnival, made up of a masked serpentine that stretches for about three kilometers, Marconi seafront turns into a fun scene of colors, lights, masks from carnival shows throughout Italy and so much music.
The summer carnival of Alba Adriatica is a special occasion of the summer of Abruzzo represented by the parade of many allegorical wagons enriched by dancers, musicians and famous celebrities invited for the occasion.